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Sept 15, 2023


We would like to post a “Food for Thought” section on the web site:

Today’s Message: “Nothing can prevail against a Son of God who commends his spirit into the hands of the Father”.

Our Prayers go out to the Family of John Smith, a member of our post, who recently passed over and to the Family of Richard Fleek for the loss of his Brother. May they rest in Peace.

April 3, 1942:

Chester Nimitz was named Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas, a joint command. The admiral also kept his other title, Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet.

U.S. and Allied forces retreated in Bataan, the peninsula guarding Manila Bay of the Philippine Islands. Japanese forces had already forced General Douglas MacArthur’s troops from the Philippine capital, and MacArthur himself fled for Australia on President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s orders. U.S. troops, commanded by his replacement, Admiral Edward King, would surrender within days.

Brandus, Paul. This Day in U.S. Military History (p. 91). Bernan Press. Kindle Edition.

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